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Dark Storm gang announces attacks on Brazilian infrastructure


The Dark Storm hacker group published a threat promising to unleash a wave of attacks against Brazil’s critical infrastructure, such as internet backbones, airports, hospitals and government services and websites. The cyberattacks would be part of the reprisal against nations that support Israel in the war against Hamas.

The gang of cybercriminals, known for their sophisticated cyberwarfare tactics and notorious history of breaching high security systems, issued the threat through several clandestine channels and was published on the X (formerly Twitter) channel of Daily DarkWeb.


On the 8th of this month, the group had already posted that it carried out a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Congonhas Airport, although there is no indication that this actually occurred.

The announcement of Dark Storm follows a trend observed in recent years, in which groups of hackers use online platforms to convey their intentions and coordinate attacks so that they have an impact on public opinion, without, however, causing immediate disruption to government services and infrastructure. criticism.


Source: CisoAdvisor

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