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Embraer suffers cybercriminal attack and shuts down servers as a precaution


Embraer, a national aircraft manufacturer, announced on Monday (30) that it had suffered a cybercriminal attack that hit the company’s technology systems and consequently his data was stolen.

In a statement addressed to the company’s shareholders, Embraer informs that the attack was identified on Wednesday, November 25 and “made access to only a single company archive environment unavailable”. No further details were revealed on the case and the alleged attack in the statement.

According to Antonio Garcia, vice president of investor relations, theSome systems have been “isolated” as a precaution and investigations by Embraer have already started.

“The company initiated the investigation and response procedures for the event, as well as proactively isolating some of its systems to protect the environment, causing temporary impact on some operations”, explains Garcia, who signs the statement.

Communiqué on cybercriminal attack by Embraer 11/30/2020.
Embraer manufactures commercial, executive, agricultural, military aircraft in addition to providing parts and maintenance. Communiqué was not published on the company’s website.

Possible ransomware

Although Embraer did not disclose details of the attack (in addition to which data was stolen and systems were interrupted), the Rio newspaper, O Globo, reports that it investigated the case and it is a ransomware infection.

According to the newspaper, anonymous sources linked to the company said that Embraer had to disable “most of its servers”, plus that part of the backup would also have been compromised.

They also said that there is a redemption request for data “which must be paid with cryptocurrencies”, one of the main features of ransomware attacks. Besides that, the attack would also have interrupted the access of all employees who are working from home, under home office regime.

Sources: Embraer; The globe.

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