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More and more companies are using new TLDs

Registration numbers games are masking actual use.

Big companies might prefer .com. Most people might choose .com. But there’s another trend I’ve seen over the past year that shouldn’t be overlooked: more and more companies using new top level domains.

It’s a shame that some new TLD operators played games with registration numbers when new TLDs launched. The inevitable decline in registration numbers when those domains dropped is masking what I believe to be a steady increase in end users registering and using new TLDs.

I see this a lot at my service. People choose domains like .show and .live for their podcast websites. I spoke to a podcast company the other day that uses a .audio domain. When I searched for virtual event companies this month, I saw domains ending in .events and .live.

What was once a once-a-month occurrence became once-a-week to now once-a-day.

So much has been lost in the debate over .com vs. new TLDs. .Com stalwarts said new TLDs didn’t have a place in the ecosystem. New TLD promoters said the domains were better than .com.

Neither is correct in 2020. The answer is somewhere in the middle.

Consider the millions of domain registrations this year. A business looks for its ideal domain. If it’s in the U.S., the registrant likely starts by looking for .com. If they don’t find what they want, they might consider an aftermarket domain. A subset of people decides to use a new TLD instead.

Thus, there is a growth curve for new TLDs. It’s not a hockey stick like some people predicted. But it’s there. Actual use by actual end users will increase over time. Slow and steady, but up and to the right.


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