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Binance.Exchange sells for $12,000 – Seller details how the sale went down



Namepros member @TheBuyerz breaks down the specifics of his sale of Binance.Exchange for $12,000.

The name was acquired at NameSilo (an advertiser here) and sold on Afternic.

As of January 2018, Binance was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume.

Here is a bit of the story:

I spotted the domain name on NameSilo Marketplace (BTW I buy all of them there since they have cheap prices for hand regged and support all major extensions), I found it on the expired auctions list, I didn’t thought that I had a chance to acquire it since many of the domain name I bid on on the marketplace were not successful, since the owner renew it at the last moment (Sometimes even in the last 5 minutes !).

But for this one, it was successful … someone already made a bid on it (1$) and you will find all the interesting domains have that 1$ bid (perhaps a big company or experienced domainer), the first challange is to win that expired auction, especially that whois datas indicate the registered date = 2017 (I know well Binance and trade frequently on their plateform and was from the first users that registered to their service, I assisted to their launching, the registered date add a great argument to the negociations while selling it) ! luckily the MAX BUY price was 50$, so I paid that amount 2 days before the expiration (For me, waiting to the last minutes was not necessary as per my own experience … and it will add unecessary risk that someone pay for it before I do), I remember that when I was ready to pay, I stopped for one moment in order to think if it was the right thing to do, and if it was not pereferable to invest on handregged domain name (This will add more chance of selling and more oppotunities), I choosen to continue on the same path.

After 2 days, I won the domain name and it got transferred to my account on NameSilo.

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