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Here’s why 89CP .com sold for $5,000

Kassey Lee explains why this domain is valuable.

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I regularly listen to the Daily Podcast to get daily updates on the domain market. In a recent episode, Josh mentioned the sale of 89CP .com for a very strong price of $5,000.

Josh is right when he says 8 and 9 are good numbers and C and P good letters. Here’s a detailed explanation.

8 and 9 have no intrinsic Chinese meanings. However, 8 rhymes with many Pinyin words such as Fa (发=making a fortune), Ba (吧=bar), and Ba (爸=father). 9 also rhymes with many Pinyin words such as Jiu (久=long time), Jiu (救=rescue), and Jiu (酒=wine). Together, 8 and 9 can become Fa (发=making a fortune) and Jiu (久=long time) to mean “making a fortune for a long time”.

On the other hand, CP is an acronym for more than 300 Pinyin phrases, such as Cai Piao (彩票=lottery ticket), Cang Pin (藏品=collector’s items), and Che Pai (车牌=license plate). CP is often seen as “lottery ticket” by investors.

When you put 89 and CP together, they match very well, giving you the meaning “making a fortune in lottery ticket for a long time”. So, 89CP .com can be used to build a lottery site.

Now, I must reiterate the fact that numbers have no intrinsic Chinese meanings and an acronym can stand for hundreds of Pinyin phrases. This means I can give 89CP a different meaning, such as Bai Jiu Cai Pu (百酒菜谱=hundred kinds of wines in the menu) if I want to use it to run a restaurant.

Still, a domain made up of number and acronym is not easy to remember despite the meaning creation process. If the end user had a bigger budget, I would certainly recommend getting the 4-letter domain BJCP .com in place of

Seeing the good sale of 89CP .com, you may get excited and want to invest in 4-character domains. Wait! Make sure you look at the daily sales of four character domains reported by to get a dose of reality.


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