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What’s so special about LLNNN domains with HG prefix?

I was checking auction results the other day and saw four LLNNN .com domains sold on the same day for quite good prices. That puzzled me.

The domains are ($4,000), ($4,000), ($2,482), and ($1,515). I could not understand why they are worth that much when I regularly see shorter LLNN .com domains sell for less than $100.

So, I decided to study similar domains sold in 2019. The assumption is that by now they should have been developed into websites if they were bought by end users.

In Namebio, you can find domains of such pattern by specifying Keyword=HG, Pattern=LLNNN, Price Range=1000, and Date Range=Past Two Years. Then extract only domains sold in 2019, which comes to 17 sales. Below is what I found.

Domain Status For sale 18,880 yuan Chinese page related to sports betting Chinese for sale page For sale 28,880 yuan For sale 28,880 yuan Not resolve, location=China Not resolve, location=China For sale 20,000 yuan Chinese landing page, geo restriction Not resolve, location=China Chinese page related to sports betting For sale 20,000 yuan For sale 28,880 yuan Not resolve, location=China Not resolve, location=USA Chinese for sale page Not resolve, location=China

First of all, no serious website has been developed. Such domains seem to be acquired by investors in China who prefer only the .com extension, as evidenced by Namebio showing only .com domains even though I set Extension=Any.

Two of the domains, and, are related to sports betting. Both sites show the name Huang Guan Ti Yu (皇冠体育=imperial crown sports) so HG is the acronym for the first two Chinese Pinyin words. In a sense, HG is meaningful but the numeric parts may be random.

Sometimes domains are valuable because they already have traffic from visitors, which you can monetize. I tried Estibot ( on a couple of the domains but nothing of interest showed up. So, I don’t have any insight into this issue.

In summary, my study indicates LLNNN domains with the HG prefix are, mostly if not all, acquired by investors in China. Personally, I would not invest in such domains until I know where their values come from.


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