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What is an Expired Domain Name Drop Registrar?

Once a domain expires one of two things will happen. Firstly the domain will expire and become available to register as a domain name through the normal registration process. If the domain has any value then it is likely to be picked up by a name drop registrar.

Before we go deeper into the world of dropped names you may want to know what an expired domain name is and how you go about getting hold of an expired domain name.

You may have noticed that your registrar offers a back ordering service. A Back order service allows you to pay your domain registrar to try and acquire a specific domain name once it expires.

There are drop registrars whose sole purpose is to try and register a domain name once it has dropped. These expired domain name catchers work on behalf of individuals and other domain registrars to acquire domain names on their behalf.

Expired domains are a big business as webmasters and large corporations try to grab as many valuable domains as they drop. The reason for this virtual land grab is that many domain names can fetch high resale prices on the open market or have valuable existing traffic or type in traffic potential.


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