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Another company with two word .com moves to one word .co

Patch Homes is a home equity finance startup, that is now changing it’s name to Noah. They are going to be doing business on as another two word .com moves to .co. (source)

A couple weeks ago I wrote about GradeSlam (.org) rebranding to

A week after, moved to the shorter, one word domain name, is owned by a David Kroening. The website looks like a late 1990’s website. The domain name was registered in 1995.

One of the questions that comes up with these .co rebrands centers around email.

When I posted the news about the rebrand, Internet.Domains replied:

Ouch. Lots of lost emails going to Just think of those customer generated emails that will not be returned. Bad business decision.

Also where does the obligation of the .com owner lie? I remember years back reading someone saying they would sue the .com owner if they did not forward the emails.

I am not a lawyer and don’t know if there is any obligation, at least not to forward it, because now you have a job you did not apply for.

Either way more companies are moving off a two word .com for a one word .co. Whether it’s smart business remains to be seen.

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