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Twilio SendGrid Partners With Valimail To Bolster Email Domain Security

Email service Twilio SendGrid is partnering with Valimail in a move intended to better protect its clients’ email sending domains.

The arrangement allows Twilio SendGrid customers to “monitor and analyze DMARC reports, utilizing Valimail’s DMARC Monitor and DMARC Enforce solutions,” writes Tom Emilio, senior deliverability consultant, Twilio, in a Thursday blog post.

Emilio notes that cybercriminals are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic by spoofing government and international organizations such as the CDC, WHO and NHL.

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) is a security standard that gives domain owners control over who can send email from their domain.

This standard provides visibility into the platforms using a brand’s domain to send email, “helps bring legitimate services and senders into compliance and allows domain owners to take stock of their total mailing footprint,” Emilio continues.

Twilio SendGrid processes over 50 billion emails per month, representing “over half of the world’s unique email users on a rolling 90-day basis,” Emilio adds.

Emilio observes that 1% of global email volume is sent using a spoofed domain. In addition, he cites FBI statistics showing that “losses totaled over $26 billion from 2013 to 2019 for Business Email Compromise/Email Account Compromise (BEC/EAC).”

“Phishing has surged to exploit the uncertainty and fear at a time people are working from home, far away from IT support and with an even higher reliance on email,” states Valimail CEO Alexander García-Tobar.

García-Tobar adds that impersonation is “email sent as your co-workers, your boss, or a trusted organization.”


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