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This site lets you mask weird URLs with a custom domain

(TECH NEWS) Put any public site behind your own custom domain at customDomainer, making it easier for customers to recognize your brand.

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Customers get confused when they receive links from a company that they don’t recognize. With customDomainer, companies can send their customers to instead of

customDomainer, formerly AnyForm, is a service that lets users make public sites available at custom domains. With just a few clicks, users can connect a custom form to a Google Form. This gives users the power and server-free convenience of Google Forms with the flexibility of the style that best fits a user’s brand. No coding is required to set up a custom domain, making it simple and accessible for anyone online.

Alex Furman from customDomainer said during his maker intro on ProductHunt, “At my last company we had a knowledge base we needed to share with customers that was stuck at the URL of the SaaS we were using (since they didn’t support custom domains). Our customers were tired of seeing links like — this wasn’t ideal for our brand and customer relationships.” He continued, “So we created customDomainer, which lets you put any public site behind a custom domain. That way our customers saw the knowledge base at, instead of”

customDomainer claims they only work with public content and do not access any private data and they do not require any kind of security access to the workspace, or data behind a user’s public site. customDomainer brands themselves as a CDN for URL-branded public sites with the infrastructure to support dynamic content, page links and more.

Users can make everything from a ‘contact us’ form, feedback form, product order form, to leave a review / rating forms. These can include features such as having the responses recorded in Google Sheets and email notifications for each response. customDomainer can be used on any site which is publicly accessible including public Confluence, Substack, Adobe Spark, Calendly, JotForm, Substack, HubSpot, and Xero sites.

customDomainer is primarily hosted in AWS, which allows for reliable security, redundancy, scalability and key management. In order for users to make their public sites available at their company’s domain (with SSL), customDomainer requires users to add a few records to their domain’s DNS settings. Pricing starts at $15 per website, per month.


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