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There is demand for English domains in China

These companies are examples of Chinese companies using English domain names.

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I often see English-based domains being used by Chinese startups. Here are some I came across recently when reading venture capital news.
Bi Bei Te (必贝特) is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2012. It develops new drugs for cancers. The company recently raised 100+ million yuan. The name “Bi Bei Te” is likely translated from “Be Better”. For the company, would be a good domain upgrade.
Jian Ai (简爱=simple love) is a milk product supplier founded in 2015. It excels in integrating dairy farms with factory processing systems. The company recently raised Series A funding of 400 million yuan. should be of interest to the startup.
Ke Tan (科探) is a software developer founded in 2014 to provide cloud services. The company recently finished Series Pre-A funding of 10+ million yuan. would be my recommended upgrade.
MediaTrack is a media platform offering tracks of short music videos. It was set up only in November, 2019 but has already completed its angel round of a multiple million-dollar funding. is a natural upgrade. Note that the platform does not use any Chinese name; “MediaTrack” is its Chinese brand.
vipSing is a music startup founded in June 2019 to offer online music lessons to children. It has completed an angel round of about 10 million yuan funding. Note that the platform does not use any Chinese name; “vipSing” is its Chinese brand.

These examples indicate that English domains can be sold to China because there is demand for them. If you list your English domains with a global marketplace such as Afternic, you can sell your domains to China – as well as the rest of the world.


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