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Polls at Namepros and TheDomains don’t seem like most want to pay for a Virtual Conference


NamesCon 360 $59

Last week we asked will you attend a Virtual NamesCon and over the last week the response has been slanted to the no side.

70% of readers said no and 30% went with yes. Now to be fair there were not hundreds of votes.

On Namepros a poll asked about any virtual conference and the no’s have it by an 88% to %12 margin.

Some of the feedback there was interesting even from long time domainers.

Now that the price has been announced, $59. If you’re an individual or small business newcomer, industry, they are giving away a set number of limited passes.

It’s a nominal fee so perhaps those who voted no will switch to yes and pay to attend NamesCon 360°.

Of course The Domain Show will get first crack at the potential audience.

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