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Ammar (Ammudamus over at Namepros) one of the top .tv investors in the business just sold for $10,000. Ammar announced the sale of on August 7.

It was sold for $9,000 at Sedo back in 2015.

He posted how it went down on Namepros

I just sold Mexico.TV for $10,000 in a private transaction. I know has sold in the past a few times with premium renewals, but I picked this name up in 2019 and there is no premium renewal. Could it have been flipped for more? Sure, but anything can. I picked it up off the drop for $1,725 and probably have a year or two in renewal fees, so the ROI was something I was totally happy with.

The other thing sometimes you need to think about is, if you sell less, do you have more cashflow from that buyer on other assets. Can I build a long term relationship and generate more over the long term versus one sale? I have done this in the past, so that went into consideration as well.

The lead came through Uniregistry, but here is another important tip I learned. I contacted them via Uniregistry and the communication went dark. I also sent an email to the owner outside of Uniregistry. I got a few responses, but then it went south again. The key was I took the phone number I got from Uniregistry and added the number via WhatsApp. I sent multiple messages and after a few days, BOOM! The buyer responded. We worked through the process and the deal completed today. Try all methods of communication before moving on.

Congrats to Ammar.

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