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Someone wants to pay $ 2.5 million for Jack Dorsey’s first tweet on Twitter and it makes no sense


Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey announced on Friday (05) that he is “selling” his first social media post: a 2006 post, which simply says “just configuring my twttr” and, oddly enough, the people are already interested. Even more shocking is that the interested party offered him $ 2.5 million (more than R $ 14 million).

If no one offers more than that amount, and we sincerely hope that no one does, the post will be sold to Hakan Estavi, CEO of a cryptocurrency company in Malaysia. The amount offered must be paid in Ethereum cryptocurrencies. Dorsey receives 95% of the value. The other 5% are in Valores, the company behind the tweet market (?).

– jack (@jack) 6 de marzo de 2021

In fact, Estavi offered $ 2.5 million for the publication’s “digital certificate”, since, according to the “buy and sell” tweet platform itself, the publication is still available on Twitter. What a user buys is a digital tweet certificate, signed by the author “and nothing more.

Upon completion of the sale, the buyer has no right to do anything with his new “property”.

Screenshot of Jack Dorsey‘s first tweet on Twitter.


The tweet in question is the executive’s first post on the social network. It was published on the same day as the launch of the social network.

Screenshot of the tweet announcement in Securities.

Are you interested? (HAHAHA) You can offer more than R $ 15 thousand for Jack Dorsey’s first tweet on the website Valores, on Enlace!


Source: TheHack

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