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Reviewing 3-letter domains sold in May and April

Kassey Lee explains why these domains have appeal in China.

3-letter domains are highly sought after in corporate China because they can shorten long Pinyin names and also help Chinese companies go global. Some successful examples are and

In this article, I’ll look at some 3-letter domains sold in May and April that could also be valuable to companies in China. sold for $24,999. KPH is a good name because it can be used to create many Chinese brands such as Kuai Pao Huo (快跑货=fast running goods), which can be used for a logistics business. sold for $27,500. Some domain investors may not know this: O is not a bad letter because it is actually an acronym for Pinyin words. Some examples are Ou (偶=by chance), O (噢=Oh!), and Ou (欧=Europe). sold for $35,000. FWW is very powerful because it ends with the letter W, which can be the acronym for Wang (网=network). There are many companies with their name ending with Wang. An example is for Zhong Gang Wang (中钢网), a Chinese steel network site that ranks 75 in the 2019 Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies list. sold for $21,418. forwards to, a marketplace for cars. 58 rhymes with Wo Fa (我发=I’ll be rich) and Che is the Pinyin for the Chinese character 车 (cars). sold for $15,300. is the corporate domain of Wei Te Li (威特力), a high-tech company that produces inverter-type welding power supply and welding equipment. Note the WLT is the correct acronym for the company’s name.

I hope you have learned something about 3-letters domains as they relate to China. In my opinion, it is a market segment with great potential.


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