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Review of PHP on Crack by Robert Plank – Give Your Marketing Efforts a Hand

Are you looking for ideas or small scripts than can raise your income when doing online marketing? Maybe you are like me – I like to do things as automatic as possible. Like changing a link in a menu on a site with 100 pages? I only want to change it in one file, and then all the other links should be changed as well, just like that. In order to do that, you need PHP, and for telling you in plain and simple terms about PHP, Robert Plank is the man!

“PHP on Crack” written by Robert Plank consists of several small scripts you can use to raise your income, or just make Internet life easier for you.

These are sales page tactics. You learn about smart ClickBank referral links, interactive salesletters, and to set up your email to avoid bots. How smart is that, do you think? Avoiding bots, means avoiding spam, and no more wasted time.

You also learn simple, yet effective tricks like making invisible redirects without JavaScript. Or how about a Tell-A-Friend script? Nice and easily explained. You will also learn about how to make money from your 404-page, and you get a simple PayPal Dimesale script.

Even though every code is written clearly in the e-book, you get the scripts as well, so you don’t have to copy and paste, but can use them right away. So even if you don’t want to learn about PHP, you can use the scripts there are in this book.


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