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On the heels of a huge IPO here is how Coinbase chose


A member of Namepros showed a leaked email about the early days of Coinbase. There is a leaked email from 2012 that shows what the founders were thinking of when it came to naming their company.

Founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam they are currently looking to go public. The Coinbase IPO is scheduled to trade on April 14. The Coinbase IPO will be a Direct Listing.

Back in 2012 Brian Armstrong emailed others involved with the company at the time, the initial name was Bitbank and they were told by legal to not even think about using “bank” in the name.

The Choices

So the names and prices they were brainstorming consisted of the following: listed for $1,795 listed for $200,000 listed for $250

The other names considered did not have prices listed. They were,,, and was the choice, the seller was Huge Domains. was registered back in 2004 and expired in 2011. The company was called FighterBytes.

Tip of the cap to SNJV on finding the email.

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