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Not even Elon Musk knows what Tesla Bot will be good for


Tesla’s humanoid robot, at first, looked a little exotic. It didn’t have the smooth metal and carbon fiber surface it indicated it had from the previously displayed images. Then he started to move, going up to the stage with that traditional robotic walk. Ah, it’s a robot, I thought. Until I saw that creature start dancing. She was just a woman dressed as a robot. A joke, that a lot of people laughed, but just not to get that boring atmosphere.

Although the robot presented on Thursday (19), during Tesla AI Day, is not real, its great creator, Elon Musk, guarantees that it will still be. Very real and interesting. Maybe next year. “We’ll probably have a prototype next year that basically looks like this,” Musk said at the event.

Unintentionally, or perhaps willingly, Musk reproduced the story of one of the first automatons in history, known as The Turk, a machine built by the Hungarian inventor Wolfgang von Kempelen in 1770, which apparently she was armed with artificial intelligence and played chess games with impeccable efficiency., but according to the writer (and great thinker of robotics), Isaac Asimov, it was controlled by a dwarf chess player. And by the way, one of the best, having beaten heavyweight challengers like Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon Bonaparte, playing from inside the machine, without the privileged view from above.

According to Musk, the Tesla Bot, as announced, is user-friendly and will be released with a set of eight cameras and sensors, equipped with technology developed based on Tesla’s own autopilot, plus a multitude of sensors and cameras to power its internal artificial intelligence.

The plan is that the robot 1.72 meters tall, about 55 kg and a screen with practical information where normally the face of a human being is, perform human tasks, considered repetitive, boring or even dangerous. Although I’ve given a few examples, I still can’t see this creature shopping at the bakery next door.

In addition to Tesla Bot, Tesla employees also presented technologies and projects that the company has been working on in recent months, during the nearly three-hour presentation, available in full on YouTube, below:

Source: TheHack

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