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New Cisco Report Answers SMB Security Questions

A survey by Cisco is showing the security practices that most drive the success of security programs in companies. With the title “Security Outcomes Study”, the survey provides answers from 4,800 IT, security and privacy professionals from around the world, of which 857 represented SMEs. The report revealed three practices that executives consider to be the main motivators for the overall success of the security program:

  • Focus. It is considered fundamental to the execution of any security strategy, but this is especially true when the IT team is launched in several directions.
  • Resilience. Resilience planning pays off and immediate disaster recovery is the biggest success differentiator for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Modernization. Small and medium-sized businesses with a stack of modern technology achieve higher success rates in each of the 11 results measured by the survey.

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Small businesses, the report says, are looking for the same level of security features as corporate-level companies. However, they need simplicity and security to work with their business – not against them. The good news, says the document, is that 44% of SMBs report that their security is in line with business needs, which is a higher level of success than that of the large corporate-level organizations in the sample. This means that SMEs can invest in security to meet and develop the needs of their constantly changing businesses.

Having a comprehensive security strategy in place allows them to prioritize their investments and obtain the maximum “return on their investment”, considering their IT teams already with limited resources.

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