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Maybe .cam IS confusing with .com

I saw a .cam domain and thought it was .com.

Picture of twins with the words .com and .cam on itSimilar. But different.

.Com registry Verisign was concerned when companies applied for the .cam top level domain. It’s just one letter off from .com, and a looks a lot like o when you’re just glancing at it.

The company filed string similarity disputes against the applicants. One panel agreed with Verisign and two disagreed. Ultimately, the string was allowed to be delegated.

World Intellectual Property Organization just decided a cybersquatting dispute for the domain name

TrustPilot is a popular review service. Its website is one of the top 500 most visited and it has over 70 million reviews related to 300,000 businesses. Sedo and are among the domain name companies that use TrustPilot’s service.

Here’s the thing: I was surprised to see a UDRP for I clicked the link to read the full decision. I read the majority of the dispute looking for some details about how the Respondent had stolen from the review service. I wondered why this wasn’t huge news when it happened.

It wasn’t until I got to the very end of the decision that I realized it wasn’t a case for, it was for

So, this domain-obsessed person who was reading about a domain dispute didn’t recognize the difference for at least a couple of minutes. That doesn’t bode well for the general public.


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