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Lessons from three recent domain sales

Here are three lessons to sell more domains.

I’ve made three small (one very small!) domain sales over the past 10 days, and each of them comes with a lesson. Here they are:

The follow-up

Some sales discussions go stale. It makes sense to follow up from time-to-time on previous negotiations to see if the buyers are still interested. Last week I rekindled five prior negotiations at Uniregistry. So far, I’ve closed one.

The first sale was for a domain. I hadn’t received any inquiries on the domain since the last person inquired, and the domain had a buy now price of $1,500. The buyer was still interested but at the lower level. The domain doesn’t have a lot of commercial value. It might have sold for the buy now price eventually, but a bird in the hand…buy, sell, rinse and repeat. I sold it for $820.

Lesson: follow up with stale sales leads. 

The expiring domain

On Domain Name Wire Podcast #260, Richard Lau and James Morfopoulos gave an excellent tip for domains you’re about to let go: list them on Afternic for $59 or $79.

I look through my domains 3-6 months in advance and turn off auto-renew if I don’t plan to renew them. James’ tip was to lower the buy now price on Afternic to increase the chances of a sale for domains you’re letting go. I dropped the price to $59.

This is a domain I had owned for over 10 years and received zero inquiries on. It was going to the waste bin and I was going to receive $0 for it when it expired two weeks from now. Instead, I got $44 after commission.

That’s infinitely more than I was going to receive.

Lesson: as part of your process of turning off auto-renew, lower the sales price on Afternic for one last chance at a sale.

The quick sale

The final sale.

It’s likely that the buyer had been interested in the domain but didn’t know how to acquire it when it expired. When they saw the buy now option, they jumped on it.

Lesson: immediately list your domains for sale on Aftenric after acquiring them.


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