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Italy fines Apple and Google $11 million


Italy’s Antimonopoly Committee has decided to fine Google and Apple 10 million euros each for “aggressive practices” related to the commercial use of data obtained from users: Italy claims that the Apple and Google are profiting together from the use of user data without telling those users what the goals are.

According to the regulator, the two companies do not provide clear information about the collection and use of data from users of their services. When setting up a Google account, the system works in such a way that the user has no choice but to accept the data processing terms. The same goes for Apple according to the regulator.

Both Google and Apple do not agree with the antitrust committee’s decision and intend to challenge it.

“We offer all users industry-leading transparency and control, and they can choose what information to share, whether they want to or not, and how it will be used,” said Apple officials.

According to a statement from Google, the company follows “fair and transparent practices to provide useful services to users, in addition to providing clear information about their use.”

As explained by the regulator, the amount of fine that Google and Apple must pay is the maximum expected for these cases.

Previously, Italy’s antitrust committee also fined Amazon €68.7 million and Apple €134.5 million for anti-competitive practices.


Source: CisoAdvisor

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