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Is the end user prospect for your domain a genuine one?

Make sure to do the research to verify it.

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I recently found a .com where the matching .cn is already developed. Because the second level domain is registered in another extension, does it mean I have a potential end user buyer for the .com?

The domain is EaseToy .com. It was dropped and can be registered for only $10 as of this writing. The domain contains two common words totaling 7 letters. indicates the matching .cn is registered and dotDB reports 26 similar domains. Because I don’t judge a domain by its look, I decided to do my research and visited EaseToy .cn.

At a glance, EaseToy .cn looks like a genuine website. It has product info, a news section, and even a picture of the reception desk of the company. However, there is something unusual.

First, the page title is wrong. It shows a media company from the northern part of China but the company info indicates a molding machine manufacturer from the southern part of China.

The Chinese language version used is wrong. The contents are written in traditional Chinese which is used mainly in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan but not in mainland China where simplified Chinese is the standard.

The domain’s name (“toy”) does not match the line of business (“machine”) of the company.

Most puzzling are links found at the bottom of the home page which apparently will take you to some adult sites. This just does not make sense for a machine manufacturer.

My puzzle was cleared when I pasted some of the contents into Google search, which led me to the real site at TWZYJX .com (Taiwan Zan Yang Ji Xie). TWZYJX .com is real but EaseToy .cn is only a copy.

Therefore, it is unlikely EaseToy .cn will upgrade to EaseToy .com. Further analysis using dotDB and Google search could not uncover any potential users of, so I decided not to acquire EaseToy .com.

My experience highlights the importance of research. Also, when investigating sites that aren’t in your language, you may want to get help from someone who speaks the language.


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