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Impact Global Education Launches Domain, a flexible and affordable higher education solution

An accessible new program that marries experiential, place-based, and online learning

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Impact Global Education, a leader in hands-on learning, announces the launch of Domain, a groundbreaking new initiative that provides experiential, place-based, and online learning in an accessible hybrid model created to increase choices and add value to higher education.

With colleges and universities unlikely to reopen as expected this fall, Domain offers a flexible and affordable solution.

Developed by the education experts at Impact Global Education, Domain is designed for young adults interested in making better decisions about the next phase of their life, whether they choose college or another competency-based path. The program has been designed for students wanting to better prepare for their future by exploring and testing what field to study, or for students wanting to immediately explore their interests in a blended environment of experiential, academic, and working environments.

Unique to the Domain educational experience is expert and peer to peer guidance through student cohorts, and individual choice in a broad array of experiential, place-based, online and hybrid learning.

In these times of increasingly unsustainable student debt, a forced shift to online learning, and ongoing uncertainty, young adults are demanding to understand the value of their education more than ever. Over 2 million college students and 2020 high school graduates are questioning whether the traditional, debt-inducing college path is right for them this fall. One out of 10 students who planned to go to a residential four-year college before the pandemic have changed their plans.* 44.7 million Americans are carrying student debt.** With COVID exacerbating an uncertain economic future, the idea of expanding that debt is frightening.

“The cost and focus of the current higher education model has long left an entire segment of students out,” says Board Chair Jeet Singh. “We are committed to providing all students with the learning and experiences that will allow them to find their path in life. We believe that there is a better way to learn and gain work experience that can meet the needs of today’s students.”

Domain offers a unique, advisor-guided set of learning modules that include elements of academic, experiential, and practice/professional exposure to make these years much more productive and efficient, whether the learner’s path includes a traditional college education or not. Domain is designed for the individual. Students will work with mentors to craft their multidisciplinary experience into their own, specific Domain.

“The years around high school graduation are pivotal in establishing the direction of a person’s future life. They must establish where their interests lie, what they are actually good at, and how to connect those things to the working world which arrives very quickly,” adds Domain CEO Steve Fox. “Domain has been built to be transparent and affordable for the median American family with the average (course) offering equal to what the average student can spend on education without debt, family support or scholarship: $3,502.”

The program will launch with the following six learning modules: Business, Art & Building, Environment, Technology, Food, and Life Skills. Each will be supported by a proprietary Core Curriculum which focuses on critical reflection that will build students’ capacity to identify how they learn best and what motivates them to learn.

Domain is also offering partnership opportunities for universities and businesses interested in helping young adults gain access to the skills, training opportunities, and connections so they can get to their next step in life faster.

The Domain platform will launch on June 1, 2020 and the programming will begin on September 15, 2020.

About Impact Global Education
Impact Global Education develops and delivers socially and environmentally-conscious educational experiences around the world. Established in 2018, IGE serves 1,000+ individuals per year and leads programs to over 20 locations around the globe. The organization is made up of established global education brands with more than 40 years of experience among them. IGE seeks to meet learners where they are, offering a diverse array of programs that are hands-on, authentic, and designed to meet the needs of students everywhere. IGE claims footholds in the university, gap, and corporate/adult markets.


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