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HP launches ProBook 445 G7 for home office with security features


Last Tuesday (15), HP gathered journalists at an online conference to present the new HP ProBook 445 G7, notebook intended for corporate use and which hits the market at the right time – with companies being forced to dismiss their employees to work remotely, the device proves to be a more robust option, with features from the Elite family, but at a much more affordable price.

The Hack was present at the event and was able to know the particularities of the model, which has an initial price of R $ 4,875.08 (by the official online store of the brand). The product leaves the factory with the new processors AMD Ryzen 4000 Series, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage via SSD. The screen is 14 inches and the factory operating system is Windows 10.

“Globally, ProBook is a platform known to our customers. It is a versatile family that caters to all segments, ”explains Vinicius Hammer, notebook product manager for HP Brazil. Highlighting the cost-benefit of the equipment, the brand invited swimmer César Cielo to make a comparison about the performance of the gadget. “Today we are seeing a new world record in terms of performance,” said Cielo.

What is most striking about the new ProBook 445 G7, however, are the safety features, especially appropriate for home office work. First, the model has a native webcam cover and built into its chassis, which makes life much easier for those who want more privacy in relation to the component – everyone knows that those external adhesive cases end up spoiling easily.

Scheme of operation of Sure Start (Reproduction: HP)

In addition, the laptop features three HP proprietary security technologies. The first is Sure Start, which analyzes the BIOS during device boot to automatically remove any hint of malware, rootkit or persistent threat installed at the heart of the machine. A controller checks the firmware for changes and, in the event of problems, restores the BIOS from a secure backup.

Then there’s Sure Sense, an integrated endpoint protection that uses deep learning to identify suspicious patterns of behavior and block malicious activity even from unknown malware – it’s a technology made in partnership with Bromium, an Israeli company that was purchased by HP precisely to facilitate the integration of this technology.

Finally, we have the HP Sure View (available only for some versions), which is a kind of privacy film integrated into the display; and Sure Click, which automatically isolates web pages and documents in a kind of invisible sandbox, preventing a “wrong click” from infecting the entire machine. All of these features were exclusive to the EliteBook line, the brand’s high end family.

The Hack has a ProBook 445 G7 unit in hand and we will soon publish a full review of the device.

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