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Microsoft included a little ‘secret’ in its Internet browser

This is a new version of the classic SkiFree from 1991.

Microsoft incluiu um pequeno ‘segredo’ no seu navegador de Internet

Microsoft announced the launch of a small ‘secret’ on its Edge Internet browser. It is the inclusion of a free game that can be accessed whenever you run out of Internet, allowing you to wait for a more patient way that the connection is reestablished.

The game in question is similar to the classic SkiFree present on Windows in 1991. However, instead of going down a mountain as a skier, the player controls a surfer. You are also asked to avoid obstacles and even try to escape from a monster, a giant octopus instead of the ‘yeti’ of the original.

The game can be found on the Edge or through a special link – edge://surf/ – accessible via the browser.


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