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Hello Onion network! Hello, freedom!

With pride and great happiness we announce that our site is available on the Onion network through Tor!

As of today, all our customers who claim privacy, security and freedom can access our content on the Tor network. Our customers can now access their accounts, manage and contract new products through Tor, this is a big step we are giving in favor of the freedom of expression and privacy of our clients.

With a great integration between our web servers and our Tor servers, it is now possible to manage your account in real time, both on our official website and on our official website on the onion network. You can do all the tasks through our control panel, like hiring new products, registering domains and managing other services.

You can also request ticket support directly from the Tor network safely and quickly. We are still testing other features over the next few days, so other news can come up during this week.

To access our website on the onion network, go to: http://v7avmdv2l6dio3cg.onion/

It is very important that you report any difficulty you have if you find any.

Welcome to Impreza Onion network :)

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