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The Benefits of Hyphenated Domain Names


When you think of the ideal domain name, it usually contains a specific keyword which is easily discoverable by search engines. It also must not have any trademark issues and is easily remembered by site visitors. If ever you register for a particular domain name and it appears to be already taken and no longer available, you need to place a hyphen on it.

Placing a hyphen on a name has benefits. Take note that numerous people are not used to applying hyphens on their domain. Even if they prefer a certain website yet forget to place a hyphen on the name, the site name’s unhyphenated version will be the one who will receive traffic. If you are searching for targeted hits, this is not what you would want to happen.

Still, a domain name that contains a hyphen and is rich with keywords has a high chance of acquiring a good rank from a given search engine compared to a non-hyphenated domain that is not at all optimized.

Be aware that a search engine higher ranking could outweigh the disadvantage and the inconvenience of a domain name that is hyphenated. If a site has a high ranking in the search engines, there is no need for viewers to enter the domain name in order for them to access it. All they need to do is click on a specific listing provided by search engine results. If they find the site likable, they will most likely have it bookmarked.

Webmasters also need to consider if a specific name is more comprehensible if it has a hyphen. Believe it or not, there is an actual site which discusses mole nurseries. However, its name is written as molestationnursery – which could easily be misconstrued as “molestation.” There are times therefore that a hyphen will help make a website clearer.

It could also be best for SEO purposes since search engines would then index mole-station-nursery along with particular keywords which are associated with moles.

Essentially, there are benefits and disadvantages of using domain names with a hyphen. If a particular webmaster believes that such a name will bring them tons of search engine traffic, they should proceed with it.

All in all, webmasters only need to try their very best to make a domain name which has no hyphen. Usually, these are domain names which rule the online world.


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