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Global Domains International Recruiting Secrets

Global Domains International, an online web hosting and domain marketplace, is by far one of the most successful multilayer marketing companies today which focuses on a virtual product. For sure, I find great success marketing virtual products, and I’d like to share one of the most powerful yet secret strategy to recruiting mass amounts of people into GDI.

Now, first of all, I’d like you to understand that I am not an affiliate or member of the company. As a marketer in a similar sort of opportunity, though, I am very hopeful that the strategies that I have used to market and grow my business will also be helpful for you in your recruiting efforts for Global Domains.

One of the most vitally important strategies that I use in my own marketing efforts is the exact strategy that you are seeing right now: article marketing. Viral content creation is one of the absolute keys to growing a successful business. Global Domains International is a great company to promote using article marketing for this reason: the cost to enter the company and join as an affiliate is so low that many of the readers of the free content that you release to the internet will be able to afford joining.

There is a name that I want you to look up, and that name is Omar Negron. Omar, a tangential acquaintance of mine, has been using article marketing for years to promote GDI. He has written over a thousand articles and has had tens of thousands of pairs of eyeballs look at and read his content. Simply put, Omar has used free viral content, pure article marketing, to promote his business, and he has been wildly successful doing so.

Of course, being a successful marketer for Global Domains International requires more than just putting content out on the internet. As people read and appreciate the content that you publish, you need to funnel your traffic into a simple lead capture page. This lead capture page will lead your prospects down through a sales system that will automatically turn traffic into dollar signs for you. By clicking the link below, you will be able to get free access to an exact blueprint of a sales system that I use to create a life-changing, passive income online.


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