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French press wants Google to pay to display its news in aggregating apps


News sites in France want Google pay for the copyright of the content you display in news aggregator apps, such as Google News. To do this, they are negotiating an “individual licensing” agreement to display the news in a new aggregator, called Google News Showcase.

According to ARS Technica and the Google blog in France, in addition to France, some representatives of european press want Google pay for content you index on news platforms.

But paying news editors is an unacceptable scenario for the technology company: in 2014, the Google decided to cancel the news app in Spain, after the country passed a law that would force the company to pay for the news reproduced. According to the BBC, Google is threatening remove the app from Australia for the same reason.

In France, however, Google has gone further and is threatening not to index any pages on news sites if they do not authorize them to be indexed in news apps. The French Competition Authority, considered the act as abuse of monopoly power and is forcing Google to conduct “good faith negotiations” and with financial returns for the French press.

The case of Australia

As in the rest of the world (with the exception of authoritarian countries that suffer from information censorship), Google is the dominant web search engine, with 93% of the global market, while DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, YANDEX and others, do not leave the 3%.

The Australian government considers Google to be an essential tool that attracts many readers in search of hot information, but has little market competition, you must pay newsrooms a “fair” amount for your journalism, ensuring that the press continues to work for democracyinforms the BBC.

According to Australian lawmakers, print journalism has been experiencing a 75% revenue decline since 2005, digital journalism needs revenue to stay alive, as in the country, news accounts for almost 13% of Google searches.

Sources: ARS Technica; BBC.

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