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End of Flash disrupts rail system in China


The end of Adobe’s Flash language, announced in 2017 and completed in December last year, caused chaos and disrupted the railway system in the northern Chinese city of Dalian for more than 20 hours. According to the Apple Daily, city ​​trains were unavailable on Tuesday (12), after the software programmed in Flash stopped working.

China Railway Shenyang employees use software developed in Flash for the management of railway operations, with the end of technology support, employees were unable to visualize the day’s planning, which caused confusion and prevented the company from operating.

After almost 24 hours of collapse, the system rail started working again on Wednesday (13), with an unusual solution. The problem was solved with a old and unofficial version, which does not have the self-deactivating code, present in the most recent version of Flash, reports the Apple Daily.

Screenshot of Google Maps. City is close to the border with North Korea.
Screenshot of Google Maps. City is close to the border with North Korea.

“The train system for the Dalian railway was unavailable at 8 am on the 12th […] As a result, the train’s operation diagram cannot be viewed […] Almost all transportation and production computers have the same flaw […] The unit contacted the railway bureau and after obtaining information on the Internet, confirmed that the cause was the disabling of Flash”, Writes the company in a social media publication (which has been removed), in Chinese (translated with the Google translator).

“At 10 am that night, the unit’s 3rd meeting decided that the ‘ghost’ version of Flash (i.e. pirated) must be installed tonight; at 1 am on the 13th, the pirated installation of the unit was completed, and the phantom version was restored. It’s working. The fault was resolved at 4:30 am and took more than 20 hours before and after the incident. ”, Concluded the post.

Screenshot of the Apple Daily publication.
Screenshot of Apple Daily publication.

Sources: Apple Daily; China Railway Shenyang (Web Archive).

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