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Domain Sales action for 8-14-20


Domain Name Sales action 8-14-20

Domain Name Sales Action 8-14-20

Nothing too exciting domain name sales wise on Friday. was the top transaction. It closed at $7,200 on GoDaddy auctions. More money for them. got sold at BuyDomains for $3,988 this is the second end user sale for the name. BuyDomains sold it back in 2013 on Afternic for $3,000. The buyer in 2013 used the name for a couple years and then it looks like BuyDomains had the domain back under them again. sold for $3,500 in 2011 at Sedo. It dropped and closed at $380 on DropCatch. was sold at BuyDomains just last year for $3,688. It was left to expire and closed at $224 on GoDaddy auctions. No website ever went up according to is another BuyDomains sale from last year left to expire. They sold the name for $1,283 and it closed at GoDaddy for $205. The domain just had a landing page of something coming soon. makes it a trio, BuyDomains sold this for $1,500 back in 2016 and it expired at GoDaddy auctions for $157. has seen better prices. Selling for $15,250 back in 2009 and then reselling for $2,520 in 2014. It closed at GoDaddy auctions for $2,028. sold for $1,500 on Flippa in 2018, it went for $2,726 at Dynadot on Friday. last year at GoDaddy auctions bidders said it was worth $220 wholesale. 2020 and in the same bidding environment it closed at $1,500.

ANTIVIRUSFREE.COM closed at $1,580 at GoDaddy. This was the fourth time it traded publicly. $633 last year at GoDaddy, Namebio also shows a NameJet transaction in 2019 at $975 and in 2016 it went for $845.

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