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1 year after selling for $30 million getting ready for public beta

A year ago sold for $30 million and became the largest reported domain name only sale of all time. purchased the domain name from MicroStrategy. is the company behind EOS.IO a blockchain powered by the cryptocurrency EOS. will be a new kind of social media platform. The public beta will launch July 4. (you still need to be invited to join). wrote, “Voice, the ambitious decentralized social network from the creators of EOS.IO,, now has a launch date for its public beta: July 4. The platform, which went into private beta in February, will also release an iOS app that verifies the identities of users without government IDs.”

You can sign up and request access at Starting August 15, users can start to invite their friends.

Voice Tokens

One thing unique about will be Voice tokens. From the site:

What are Voice Tokens, and how are they earned?

Voice Tokens are consumable utility tokens that capture the attention of other users; you can spend them on specific content to increase visibility on the platform. Because everyone has the right to be heard, users earn the same amount of Voice Tokens each day. You can earn additional tokens by creating content that other people consume and appreciate. Initially, you can use tokens to purchase space below published content and highlight a “Top Comment”, but Voice Tokens are conceived as the gateway to all forms of promotion and advertising on the platform.

Will you join Voice?

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