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Why Yii Is Regarded As One Of The Fastest PHP Frameworks

Most web developers nowadays use PHP frameworks to build web applications rapidly based on varied business requirements. The features and tools provided by the PHP framework make it easier for developers to add functionality to the web applications and complete web development tasks without writing additional code. The web developers even have option to choose from a wide range of full-stack and micro web frameworks for PHP. But the tools and features provided by individual PHP frameworks differ. Likewise, the PHP frameworks also differ from each other in the category of performance and speed.

A number of studies suggest that Yii Framework is much faster than a number of web frameworks for PHP. Despite being an open source web framework, Yii simplifies and accelerates web 2.0 applications by providing a number of robust features. As it supports mode-view-controller architectural pattern, it becomes easier for developers to build and maintain PHP-based web applications by keeping their user interface and business logic layers separated. At the same time, Yii helps developers to complete common web development tasks like scaffolding, caching, testing, user authentication and role-based access management.

It even reduces custom web application development time by generating base PHP code and allowing programmers to customize the code according to precise project requirements. However, a large percentage of PHP programmers prefer Yii to other web frameworks due to its optimal speed and performance. According to the latest performance comparison data posted on, Yii processed more requests per second (RPS) than several widely used PHP frameworks including Symfony, Pardo, CakePHP, Zend, and CodeIgniter.

As highlighted by several studies, a large percentage of visitors nowadays abandon websites and web applications that take more than 3 seconds to load. Hence, Yii Framework makes it easier for developers to improve user experience and prevent user abandonment by speeding up websites and web applications. The team of developers has already revealed the secret of Yii Framework’s outstanding performance. According to the development team, Yii outperforms other PHP frameworks by using the lazy loading technique extensively.

Unlike conventional software development patterns, the Iazy loading technique does not load website content at once. Instead, lazy loading technique loads content and data only when the user accesses the specific part or section of the web page. It even requires developers to create a web page with placeholder content instead of actual content. Each time a user accesses the web page; the web browser caches the actual resources and replaces the actual resources with placeholder resources. The web browser even loads the placeholder resources only when the user accesses a specific section of the web page.

In case the user leaves the web page immediately, the web browser does not load the remaining placeholder resources. Hence, many high-traffic websites nowadays implement lazy loading technique to reduce both loading time and user abandonment. However, the lazy loading technique can be implemented in a number of ways. The developers of Yii implement lazy loading technique in the most efficient way to make it faster than other widely used PHP frameworks. Also, they use the lazy loading technique extensively to make Yii process additional requests per second. At the same time, Yii Framework also provides a number of options to speed up PHP-based web applications.

For instance, it allows PHP web developers to cache and optimize PHP intermediate code using PHP APC extensions. The extension enables the web application to process more requests per second by reducing the time required to execute PHP scripts. Likewise, the web developers can also boost a web application’s performance by implementing a number of caching solutions, disabling debug mode after the development process, execute database queries with indexes, reducing size of scripts, and using symbolic links to project resources. These performance optimization options along with lazy loading technique contribute immensely towards making Yii Framework one of the fastest web frameworks for PHP.


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