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“0.35% of name servers are responsible for 90% of all domain names”


DNS traffic of the root servers

Chris Duckett published an interesting article over at ZDNet on just how few name servers are responsible for the majority of domain names. The article illustrates the potential problems for outages as many opt for a convenient cloud based solution vs your own server.

Sans Institute dean of research Johannes Ullrich looked into how many of the world’s 2.7 million authoritative name servers it would take to disable 80% of the internet.

The answer would be just 2,302.

Ullrich found GoDaddy was responsible for 94.5 million records, Google Domains had 20 million, the trio of, hichina, and IONOS had 15.6 million each, while Cloudflare had 13.8 million records.

Some of the recommendations from the article include, using more than one DNS provider and have a secondary name server in-house to lower your chances of your website becoming inaccessible.

Read the full article on ZDNet.

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