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Youtuber creates custom keyboard dedicated to send memes on Discord


A whole keyboard dedicated to sending Discord stickers, memes and emoticons? That’s right! Youtuber TaeKeyboards released a video adapting a mechanical Drop X OLKB Preonic keyboard, which costs an average of US $ 140, so that when he presses a key, he sends a meme in the chat.

The final work was baptized Discord Emoji Board V1 and it was developed thinking just for “spamar” figurine on the servers of the Voice over IP (VoIP) service, Discord, where the emoticon culture “eats loose”.

The author took advantage of Drop X OLKB Preonic’s minimalist and ortho-linear format to make a legitimate adaptation. The format of the terclate is slightly different from traditional models: it is rectangular, with 5 lines with 12 keys each, all keys fill a space that obeys the orientation of the columns vertically. Unlike a traditional keyboard, where the keys are arranged with a diagonal tilt, thinking about ergonomics when typing.

Drop X OLKB Preonic. Photo: Drop Disclosure

Ortholinear keyboards are usually industrial keyboards, for specific tools, where they will not normally be used to type on the computer. Youtuber himself assumes that he cannot type on keyboards of this type. But the end result is definitely interesting, as it is not being used for typing.

The author chose to paint the chassis yellow with some details in gray, since he wanted something “beautiful and shiny”, he justifies. The switches chosen were those of the Dragonfruit brand, of the tactile type, that is, of those that make “tec tec” and to feel the internal spring go down when pressing a key, they are usually very noisy (next to the blue switch, very common in the market ).

He also decided that each key should have stamped the meme that would be sent when pressing the key, so he decided to install transparent keysbut with the meme image printed in each of them.

The whole process is very beautiful to watch and the end result is really fun. Check out all the processes, from unboxing, to preparation, assembly and use of the device finished in the video:

Source: TaeKeyboards.

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