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Ubiquiti warns users of intrusion into their systems


Ubiquiti, a North American supplier of devices equipped with Internet of Things (IoT), is warning its users about an intrusion into your systems, which are hosted on an external cloud provider, which has not been revealed.

The company says that the incident may have exposed customer account information, such as name, email, address, phone and access credentials, used to remotely manage the brand’s equipment.

In an email sent to its customers and users this Monday (11), the company informs that identified “unauthorized access to some of our information technology systems hosted by a third-party cloud provider

According to the company, no suspicious attempts to access any user account were identified. “We have no indication that there has been unauthorized activity in relation to any user’s account,” says the document.

There is also no evidence that user data has been viewed. However, although I didn’t find any records, Ubiquiti says it cannot guarantee that no user has been exposed.

The company recommends that its users change passwords immediately, in addition to encouraging set up multi-factor authentication on your accounts.

Ubiquiti produces from connected and cloud-enabled routers, such as network video recorders, security cameras and intelligent access control systems.

Copy of the email sent to customers and users on Monday (11).
Copy of the email sent to customers and users on Monday (11).

Sources: Krebs on Security; Ubiquiti.

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