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Todd Han answers a bunch of questions in AMA at Namepros



Todd Han the founder of Dynadot did an AMA on Namepros over the weekend.

Todd has 40 posts in the thread, sometimes answering multiple questions of members in one post.

Let’s start with the first thing that comes to mind, why Dynadot?

The Durfer asked: Hi Mr. Todd, honored to meet you. Why the name, Dynadot?

Todd: Thank you for this question. Dynadot is a word I made up. Dyna is short for dynamic. Dot is short for domain name (dot-com, dot-org). So Dynadot is meant to imply a dynamic domain name platform. From the beginning I wanted to build a powerful, flexible, automated, well-designed system for domain buyers. So hopefully the “dyna” part of the name captures that feeling a little.

– Todd

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