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Tips for Optimizing your Website for Ecommerce

With the majority of U.S. consumers still stuck at home social distancing, and with brick-and-mortar retail options vastly reduced, ecommerce sales have skyrocketed over the past several weeks. Overall ecommerce sales rose 25 percent from the second week in March compared to the first, according to Adobe Analytics. And according to a National Retail Federation survey, more than half of consumers have orders products online that they’d normally purchase at a store.

These new consumer habits point to an increased need for brand marketers to optimize their ecommerce presence. Multichannel Merchant outlines tips for crafting effective ecommerce capabilities, from branding to navigation to customer testimonials.

First, design and branding should play an important role, as consumers will avoid websites that do not have simple, minimal layouts. Mobile accessibility is also critical–just in the last quarter of 2019, mobile devices generated 52.6% of global website traffic, according to the Radicti Group. Chatbots can help consumers with basic issues and answer questions about purchases.

Other aspects marketers should consider including clear, simple navigation; a search filter that breaks down products by category; customer testimonials and social media proof; and low-cost shipping options. Read on in Multichannel Merchant for more detail.


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