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Three Crucial Tips For Increasing The Value Of A Domain Name


Each year, more than 600,000 small businesses open in the United States, and a large portion of those have an online presence with a unique domain name.

A good domain name can command a price between $5,000 and $20,000 — or even more. sold for nearly $50 million in 2010. In the same year, Facebook paid $8.5 million for, only to have it redirect to

In short, if you own a premium domain, there’s a good chance you can earn some serious coin for its rights. But that doesn’t mean a profit is guaranteed — as with any business venture, there are still best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid.

Over the 600-plus transactions I’ve completed as a broker, here are the most effective tips I’ve learned to make a domain name as attractive to buyers as possible:

The Top Factors Affecting A Domain Name’s Value

A number of factors come into play when determining the value of a domain name — the extension (.com, .net, .us, etc.), the keyword popularity and even the length of the name can drastically affect market value. Even if you already own a desirable domain, you can increase its value considerably before you sell with comparatively little time and effort.

1. A Successful Website

Owning a good domain name is nice, but the name itself really just signals a potential for success. It’s the website associated with the name that drives business, entertains visitors and creates a brand following. If a website ranks well with Google and other search engines for industry keywords, its value increases substantially.

2. Associated Social Media Pages

Active social media pages accompanying a domain name and website can make for a desirable package. When all of these components are in place, you’re selling a turn-key online presence.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn are all great platforms to build a following on. The closer the account names are to the domain, the better.

The more people the social media accounts associated with a domain reach, the higher the domain’s value.

3. Similar Domain Variations

Securing variations of a domain isn’t possible without a decent budget, but it’s an effective way to remove competition from the market and drive up demand. For example, variations of the domain “” might be “” or “” By acquiring close variations of a domain and selling them all as a package, you ensure the buyer is getting all of the available traffic from the name.

Stay Prepared To Profit Off Your Domain When The Time’s Right

Preparing to sell a premium domain name doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, and my tips are certainly not the only recipe for success. Domain names are one of the most exciting digital assets for a reason — every website needs one, and there’s no telling when a business is going to be searching for a domain you own. When it comes time to sell, make sure you’re prepared to attract the best offer possible.


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