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This is the worst (or best) scam we’ll see in 2021


Let’s face it: cyber criminals are very smart people. They employ social engineering and devise complex scams to fool even the most attentive of Internet users, convincing them to adopt an insecure posture, whether to download a file infected with malware or to give away some sensitive information. But, like everything else in the world, there are exceptions — and a clueless individual trying to run a totally non-sense scam is one of them. The fraud is so crude that it has gone viral around the world.

See the image below. Yes, the scammer (if he even deserves to be called that in “respect” to other criminals in the category) decided to impersonate none other than the late Michael Jackson and approach random people on Instagram for money. As if the absurd motto were not enough, the simplicity and sincerity with which the miscreant decided to act made his “malicious campaign” go viral quickly on the web; we still don’t know if the attempted coup was really real or just a joke.

Seriously, did anyone fall for it? (Reproduction/Unknown)

Well, let’s analyze the best points of this bizarre scam and comment on what we had the chance to learn:

  • Michael Jackson did not die, but neither did he age, judging by the photo used in his profile;
  • In addition to not having died and consequently not being buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park (California), it ended up leaking from the US for some reason;
  • He is really poor;
  • The amount of US$600 is enough to record a successful album.

The profile in question (@therealmichaeljackson1111 — very convincing) has already been taken down by Instagram’s moderation team. Now, what we at The Hack haven’t been able to decide yet is whether this should be considered the worst or the best (by the comic factor) 2021 scam. trap” and sent money to the amateur scammer.

Source: TheHack

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