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Auction of over 900 Gleissner trademark registrations in Latvia set to be undertaken published an article about an upcoming auction of over 900 trademark regs in Latvia. Michael Gleissner has filed approximately 6800 trademarks according to the article. I have sold and brokered domain names to Mick in the past. There was never any mention of trademarks or any problems. I was surprised when all the trademark registrations started happening.

From the article:

The existence of an auction of Gleissner-related trademarks will be a significant blow for the multimillionaire. As WTR has extensively reported on, Gleissner is the filer of approximately 6,800 trademarks and owner of 6,900 domain names across the world in a disruptive portfolio-building exercise that began around 2014. In that time, the businessman has claimed ownership of hundreds of terms – usually generic single-word terms and sometimes related to major brands – resulting in legal disputes in various jurisdictions. While there are hundreds of trademarks related to Gleissner found in the United States (1,117), Benelux (1,010), the United Kingdom (995), Canada (861), Portugal (453) and the EUIPO (316), the most popular destination is Latvia, with approximately 1,570 applications in total.

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