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This digital museum brings together all the skins of the classic Winamp


Okay, Spotify can even be cool … But there is something about Winamp, the classic music player that rocked in the late 90s, which makes us miss it even today. Perhaps it is the possibility of customize it with skins created by other crazy members of the community that formed around the player, enabling a level of customization that, until then, had never been seen in computer software.

Unfortunately, the Winamp that exists today has nothing to do with that nineties wonder, but you can still enjoy a nostalgia session by visiting the Winamp Skin Museum. Yes, as the name suggests, it is a virtual museum dedicated to collecting thousands of skins for the most famous music player in history. There are currently 65,000 skins for you to view.

Just log on to the site and browse around (or use the search feature to find a specific topic). All skins are interactive and you can play with the buttons and levers. Best of all, if you don’t find material that you consider crucial, you can also upload your own skins to the service – everything is collaborative and very purposeful.

The project is authored by programmer and singer Jordan Eldredge, who collected the skins from the Internet Archive and decided to make them available in this more friendly format. It is worth taking a look.

Source: Winamp Skin Museum

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