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Sedo end user domain name sales up to $108,000

A pet food company, an artificial intelligence company, and a water filtration company bought domain names.

Picture of bundles of 500 euro notes with the words "End User Domain Sales" and the logo for Sedo

There were many good end user sales at Sedo this past week, including the sale I wrote about on Tuesday.

Here’s a list of some of the end user domain name sales from the past week. You can review previous end user sales lists here. €95,000 (about $108,000) – Expert System SpA bought this domain. It uses the domain €15,000 – JB Capital Markets is an investment firm focused on international institutional investors and investment opportunities within Spanish markets. It forwards the domain to $13,500 – VAFO PRAHA is a privately-owned family company in the Czech Republic that produces and distributes premium pet food. $12,500 – JetLuxe is a private jet charter company. $12,499 – The domain name forwards to design studio Mad/Studio. The domain might be for a client. $7,000 – Splinter Works Ltd A UK design company that produces sculpture-like pool slides, freestanding bathtubs that look like hammocks, and more. It currently uses for its website. $5,000 – This domain is used as a lead-gen site to connect users to hearing care providers in their area. $5,000 – Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss, LLC, is an investment firm in Dallas that is focused on institutional investors, mutual funds, etc. It currently uses as its website. $5,000 – Bosstab makes tablet kiosk stands and Point of Sale equipment for businesses. Moodly sounds like a good brand for one of those kiosks that asks how happy you are with the service. $4,900 – El Sewedy Industries Group bought this domain. It is an electrical manufacturing company based in Cairo, Egypt. Kahraba means Electrified in Arabic. $4,500 – Forwards to, a site in development for a job services and recruiting firm. $4,500 – TST Water has changed its name to Aquamor. It provides water purification products and services. $3,500 – 3MD Solutions, LLC, a transportation and fleet management company in Illinois. I’m not sure what they will use the domain for. $3,499 – Pro Esports Gaming is an online gaming site. $3,300 – COMMET, an international supplier of a wide range of non ferrous, precious and minor metals, metal residues, ores and concentrates, bought the domain. It is based in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

TheArt.Net $2,700 – This is interesting. It forwards to an Instagram page selling original artworks, sculptures and prints under the name The Arts Net, Inc. €2,640 – Zener provides installation and maintenance services for telecommunications and renewable energies.

DasLab .de €2,500 – This website will be used for Covid-19 testing. Das means ‘the’ in German. $2,000 – This domain was purchased by Apilayer GmbH, a German software company that develops a suite of APIs & cloud-based SaaS applications. $2,000 – This website is still in development with a logo, an “Opening soon” message and “Hotel Apartment Home”.


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