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Pirate site offers terabytes of NFTs for download


“NFT Bay is the most resilient NFT BitTorrent site in the Galaxy. You wouldn’t steal a JPEG (or steal…)”.

With that phrase in your tag ofTitle, a website at the address is offering for download, free of charge, thousands of images of NFTs (non fungible tokens) usually sold for a lot of money, as well as a 19.5TB file with all the content stored at that address and called “the billion dollar NFT file”.

Inspired by The Pirate Bay, the former piracy download site, “The NFT Bay” was made by an Australian developer whose aim is to alert NFT buyers: “Buying NFT is nothing more than a way to access and download the image. And most of them are stored on third-party storage services like Web 2.0 rather than on the blockchain. This makes them invaluable as the technology is updated over time.”

He says that cryptocurrency-based NFTs are just blockchain entries that define ownership of a digital item: “And since people are paying millions to buy them, The NFT Bay brings you a torrent file totaling 19.5TB – containing all NFTs stored in Ethereum and Solana blockchains”.

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have been a craze in the cryptocurrency community for the past year. Many people rush to buy small digital arts with millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies, just to own title. Although they retain this property, NFT files can be used almost freely by anyone.


Source: CisoAdvisor

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