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Owner of acquires 1600 coloring book domain names


1600 coloring book domain names is a lot of coloring book domain names. But that’s how many Really Big Coloring Books® Inc. just acquired as they bought out their top competitor.

In a weird twist the competitor was not mentioned in the press release.

Coloring Books made at Coloring Book USA

Really Big Coloring Books owns the domain name and now has what I would imagine is a stranglehold on the world of coloring book domain names.

Wayne Bell commented:

“After 22 years of competition and battles in the market place, it’s not even refreshing, it seems just a respite on whats to come. Our company understands the competitive foreign threat in the U.S. marketplace. As an entrepreneur I know each day brings a new lesson, the next surprise quickly awaits right around the corner and we will never know it all. You must be constantly learning or fall quickly behind; as capitalism is certainly not for the faint of will or heart”. Continued Bell, “One thought I’ve had since childhood: You never need a reason to help people. That is how I have ran my company for the last 30+ years and it’s served me well”.

Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, MO, looks forward to working with new artists, writers, editors, graphic artists, sales people, the retail markets, fundraising and the custom coloring book industry. When it comes to coloring and activity books, we want people to think Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. Saint Louis, Missouri.

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