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Official press has hacked Twitter profile


Worse than being invaded is to continue with your work normally without even realizing it, but it was exactly such a situation that occurred with the administrators of the Official Press profile on Twitter. The organ’s account was hacked last Thursday (22) and remained for just over 24 hours with the “signature” of its invaders, until someone realized that something was happening. The profile is currently down.

The authorship of the invasion was self-proclaimed by Renkill and Wumpus, who, in addition to changing the profile bio to publicize themselves, also took advantage of the cue to create a post playing with the imaginary arrest of another relevant cybercriminal, known on the social network as m1ke. For this, they used a photo of another operation by the Civil Police of São Paulo.

“In a new investigation by the São Paulo Civil Police, a 14-year-old young man whose code name is m1ke, is being investigated for cyber crimes indicating more than 15 thousand hacked computer devices. The Civil Police indicated that he may be involved with Estelionato”, published the scammers.

It is worth remembering that the Official Press is the São Paulo body responsible for producing the Official Gazette of São Paulo, a publication that organizes and disseminates the laws and acts of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches. The entity was created in April 1891 and has more than a thousand collaborators dedicated to editorial tasks.

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