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No Stress Analytics Certification


For companies, the question of how to maximize revenues can be answered using one word: analytics. Analytics involves going through previously accumulated data to analyze the results of certain decisions and events to gain key insights into improving existing business models and making better decisions. Companies are finally realizing the value of their accumulated customer data and are hiring data analytics professionals to tease out the trends in their data.


The raw data that is being generated every day is of no consequence as it is unintelligible and anyone with a moderate budget can acquire a large amount of data. What is important is the information hidden in the data. Data analytics is used to refine this collected raw data. However, there can be more than one type of analytics such as descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, explanatory, etc. All of these, have different objectives based on the type of solution required by the business.


Is analytics the right choice for you? Over the last few years, there has been an exponential increase in the amount of data being generated. The rate at which it is being generated has outpaced the growth in the number of qualified individuals who can extract value from it. The high demand for analytical professionals and the lucrative salaries being offered have caused a number of young professionals and students to look at analytics as a possible career choice.


Data analytics can mean a host of things to different people. The roles that come under the domain of Big Data often share blurry borders with data analytics, but the role of data analysts remains primarily to assist the company to make decisions that affect their revenue directly. A data analyst has the hard task of making decisions with enough impact to greatly increase the business revenue or lose existing revenue. Therefore, it is essential that they have a good grasp of the basics and the tools they will use. Data analytics also provides you the freedom to choose your industry since data analytics can be used in any field.


This is the time to get yourself certified as a trained professional in data analytics. A good certificate from a reputable training institute will fast-track your career by letting you land your dream job. It shows that you know your way around the data analytics field and possess the practical knowledge that they are looking for among their candidates.


In today’s fast-paced life, you often don’t get enough time to demonstrate your skills to the interviewer. Obviously, that person has to talk to roughly one hundred people a day and it is impossible for you to display your skills within the time constraints. At times like these, a certificate comes in handy. Being certified by a very reputable training institute will let the interviewer know that you have what it takes to be a contributing member of the company.


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