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New York times covers the .Ai extension


Steve Lohr of the New York Times published a piece on the .AI extension.

.Ai has become a windfall for Anguilla. It was once just a side job for the man running the extension, Vincent Cate, a computer scientist who settled in Anguilla and later became a citizen.

Those fees added up to $2.9 million in 2018, the most recent official government tally, or nearly as much as the combined salaries of the 127 primary-school teachers, assistants and administrators in the territory. The revenue rose sharply again last year.

One part of the article was not about .ai but the diminshed role of domain names as the way people get around on the net.

To some degree, search engines like Google, social networks like Facebook and mobile apps like Uber have diminished the role of domain names as the way people navigate online. Gone, for the most part, are the days when getting around online meant painstakingly typing a web address into a browser.

The article goes on to look at some of the startups using the .ai extension. It also delves into new gtlds, is one example cited, the founder thought about a .com but opted for the .run instead. The founder wrote, “The name is not just a brand, but descriptive of what we provide,” Mr. Piantino said.

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