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Ministry of Health announces restoration of systems


The Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Rodrigo Cruz, announced to the press last night the total restoration of the organ systems affected by the attack that took place in December last year. According to Cruz, the expectation is that by next Friday (the 14th), all data will be available for access by applications used by the Brazilian population.

“It is important to make it clear that there was no loss of information and that there is no blackout of data. The information exists and the Ministry continued to receive and disseminate data during this period, especially that of the pandemic. This information was and continues to be easily accessible on our website through our newsletters and epidemiological bulletins”, he said.

On the occasion, the manager explained the steps of the action plan carried out by the folder for the restoration of the affected systems. According to the secretary, the first challenge was to ensure that no data had been compromised. The Conect SUS application, where it is possible to access vaccination data, works normally.

“Our systems and Covid-19 information, such as cases, deaths and the Vaccination Campaign, are stored in the cloud. The hacker was able to access the cloud and deleted our systems. These are not off-the-shelf systems that you erase and put in a CD or flash drive and reinstall. When the system is deleted, you have to rebuild it because it is customized and built specifically for the Ministry of Health”, he explained.

Once the data had been recovered, the next step in the plan was to re-establish these systems so that the agency could receive the data that is registered daily by the states and municipalities. The last big step, status in which the action plan is today, is the dissemination of data to society. Also according to Cruz, for each of these stages there is a contracted company that, together with the Ministry’s technicians, worked daily for this purpose.

“All systems have the data capture process restored. Then, the folder receives information from states and municipalities. And we completed this stage in December, when the data capture functionality was re-established. The other big step was to disseminate this data, which many of them are made available only to public bodies due to a series of criteria, including the Data Protection Law”, he explained.


Source: CisoAdvisor

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